Training session at GSD Academy

trainingFor any professional IT company an important aspect of a balanced development strategy  is represented by the investment in future generations of specialists. As a young student or graduate, attending a specialized training in a professional environment is a unique opportunity to develop in both professional and personal ways and also have a genuine software development experience. The right volume of knowledge, carefully divided and applied in the correct order of steps can have a deep positive impact in the development process of an apprentice.

From the beginning of May, 2014, nine ambitious students and graduates started a Java training session, part of a new program developed by GSD Academy. Over the next three months they will attend interactive workshops about SDLC, OOP, Java and MySQL. During this time period and at the end of it, the trainees will be carefully tested and selected for the second phase of the training which will last up to 6 months and will end with internship contracts for the best of them.

The training combines theoretical aspects with practical ones and is based on a step by step approach, aiming to build a strong and robust knowledge base, needed for a consistent future development. Working as individuals and in groups helps trainees  to prepare being autonomous and also team oriented. In order to assure a smooth team integration at the end of the training, the attendees will make good use of agile methodologies, widely used development tools (Eclipse, MySQL Workbench, Tortoise), together with core concepts of versioning (SVN), Web services(JAX-WS), Object-relational mapping (JPA) and Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

At the end of this training the following objectives will be achieved:

  • The trainees will have a good understanding of software development process, life cycle and software development methodologies
  • The trainees will have good knowledge about Object Oriented Programming and paradigm
  • The trainees will have good knowledge about Java programming language fundamentals
  • The trainees will have good knowledge of specific Java based frameworks and also gain experience in using them by working on internal projects. (e.g. Hibernate, JPA, Swing, log4j, JAX-WS, JUnit etc)
  • The trainees will have a good understanding of Database Systems
  • Both individual and team work abilities will be achieved by the trainees
  • The trainees will have a first project experience, revision control and bug tracking systems
  • The trainees will be prepared to continue the training process within an internship program or, eventually, if the progress is very high, they will have the opportunity to join existing projects

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